Online Exhibits

June 2022: Ildi Tillmann

Ildi Tillmann is an emerging author and photographer working at the crossroads of art and documentary. She was born and raised in Hungary, and has been living on Long Island over the past twenty years. Ms. Tillmann’s artistic approach is informed by the various cultures she has seen and experienced, by the languages she speaks, and by the people she has met throughout her life – all of which have confirmed her faith in our shared human fate. Her experiences have led her to look beyond national, ethnic, religious, or racial differences, and to highlight the cyclical nature of stories inherent to the human condition.  

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 the Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC) hosted photographer and author, documentary photographer and educator Ildi Tillmann for an artist talk on her virtual exhibition at the Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC). This program was a part of the museum’s Haitian Heritage Month Celebration. The recording of this talk can be found here.

August 2021: Emile Arthur-Ricketts

Emile Arthur-Ricketts is an up and coming photographer from Long Island NY showcasing his works under the name “Emile’s Creations.” His range of work focuses on Graffiti, Agriculture, Landscape, Water, Skylines, Etc. Currently, Emile uses a Galaxy S9 to capture his photos His work can be found on social media platforms as well as his new website In addition to photography, Emile is also a husband, father, rapper, clothing designer, school bus driver and direct care counselor and most importantly a man of God.

June 2021: Carolyn Schuster

Painting is a truly emotional experience for me. I live through my imagination and can transfer it to a canvas. The human figure and color are very important elements in my work. Many of the landscapes I paint are from my travels all over the world. I hope in some small way my work gives you as much enjoyment as it gives me to create it.

May 2021: Donna Gabusi

A Smithtown, N.Y. native, Donna Gabusi has been an artist for about 20 years.  She makes black and white face portraits with pencil while her pet, house portraits and landscapes are painted with acrylic. Sometimes she paints on fabric covered mat boards instead of canvas.

Normal is boring. Gabusi draws expressive and/or wrinkled faces and enjoys painting broken fences, puddles, dirt, reflections; landscapes of Long Island mostly.  Lately, Gabusi has been experimenting with old and young faces; merging past & present and old & young.

A lot of Gabusi’s skills and inspirations came from her high school and elementary school art teachers.  Other inspirations and influences are from Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, DeKooning, Picasso, and Kathe Kollwitz. Gabusi was the cover artist for Dan’s Paper’s (magazine based in Southampton, N.Y.) on Nov. 30, 2018, ACE Magazine (Greenlawn, N.Y.) in Aug. 2018, May 2019, and Sept. 2019.

March 2021: Robert T. Bloom

This solo online exhibition features the artwork of Robert T. Bloom. This selection of works portrays scenic landscapes and seascapes across Long Island. Bloom calls his work “photographic art,” a multidisciplinary process that combines photography and computer facilitated painting.

Robert T. Bloom is a fine artist from Long Island, NY. His artwork has been exhibited across Long Island with select exhibitions at the Art League of Long Island, Adelphi University, and BACCA Performing Arts Center.

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