Jennifer Schaefer

My name is Jennifer Schaefer and I believe I would be an excellent addition to the Port Jefferson Free Library Board of Trustees. Personally, I bring a life-long love of books, literature and writing as well as a passion for the advocacy of literacy and the fundamental belief that books should be available to all through public resources such as the library. As an attorney, I would also bring my twenty plus years of professional experience with a specialty in contracts and negotiation which would be of great assistance to our library in its future contracting endeavors as it continues to grow and serve our community. Finally, I would bring a dedication to the Port Jefferson community, which I previously expressed through being an active member of the “Scraggy” Elementary family. I have been room parent numerous times and went on to participate in the PTA, serving on many of the planning committees and eventually taking on the role, first of PTA Treasurer and later Vice-President. With my children out of elementary school, I have similarly taken on roles in the Middle Schools and High School assisting with the book fairs and many grade specific events. I have also participated in community building events outside of the school environment including participating as Girl Scout Troop Leader for two years, sharing my time with a religion class for three years and running various fundraising events with my children’s extracurricular organizations. I see the role of Port Jefferson Free Library Trustee as a perfect next step in broadening my role in my community as well as a perfect melding of my talents, professional experience and personal passions.