Karyn Jensen


To continue serving as a Trustee for the Port Jefferson Library would be an honor. To remain as a representative of the library as well as the community’s interest would be time well spent, an investment in our beloved village, and an opportunity to give back where I can.

As a resident of Port Jefferson for over 25 years, I have chosen to buy a home, marry, and raise my family in this village.  I have a deep appreciation for its rich history, an admiration of its idyllic sea-side charm, and genuinely appreciate all the comforting familiarities of our small town. One place that both defines and highlights these ideals is, of course, the Port Jefferson Free Library.

Our library is our community’s hub. It tells us stories, protects our past, and offers resources for our present. It serves as our quiet place, a gathering spot, a study center, and an access point of so much for so many. For over 100 years, the Port Jefferson Library has opened its doors and offered its resources to our community; it gives and gives. As a teacher, a mom, and as a life-long learner, the Port Jefferson Library has always met my variety of needs. Today, with the current opening for a Trustee seat, I now have an incredible opportunity to give back to the library that has already given so much to me.

Since early 2020, I have humbly been serving as a Port Jefferson Library Trustee by having filled an empty seat on the library board for the remainder of an open term. In January 2021, if elected with the community’s support, I would intend to continue serving as an advocate to the library, and to dutifully represent its policies and interests. As an elected Port Jefferson Library Trustee, I would look to invest in its future needs, work to preserve its productive past, and continually strive to best meet the needs of the library and community members today.