3D Print Request

3D Printer Info

The Library owns and operates a model AFP-1728 3D Printer built by S-Squared 3D Printers. Once it has been determined that the file does not violate the Library’s Policy on 3D Printing, your project will be included in a queue to be printed. To learn more about 3D printing and design, see our 3D Printer Resources page or Events Calendar to register for a program.

The Procedure

  1. Design an object either on your own or download a file from an open source website.
  2. Submit the file of your object in the form below to have it added to our print queue.
  3. Pick up your 3D printed object upon completion.

What is the Cost?

$1 per hour of printing.
Payment is due at pickup of your printed object.

Which File Types can be Submitted?

Only STL files can be submitted.

How Large can the Object be?

The maximum volume of the build area is 12 x 12 x 12 in. Please note that larger jobs will cost more and will require more time to print. 

3D Printed Object Request Form

Maximum upload file size: 10 MB. If your file is larger than 10 MBs, please email the Reference Desk at adref@portjefflibrary.org.

Object Information

Attach your file here. Only .stl files are accepted, with a max size of 10 MB.
Please describe the nature of the file and tell us anything that is pertinent in printing this file.
If your file is from an open source website, provide the URL of the webpage.

This is because PLA emits relatively scentless fumes that are nontoxic. It is also pretty easy to work with, and can be colored nicely with a variety of methods.

Please select up to 2 choices of colors/types of PLA. We will make every effort to print your object in one of your preferred choices and will contact you if your choice of filament color is no longer available.

Personal Information

In accordance with the Library's Policy on 3D Printing 40.9, "those under the age of 18 may submit design files with the permission of a parent or guardian." If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must contact a Librarian at Adult Reference.
Port Jefferson Free Library cardholders will have priority. All other cardholders' projects will be placed in a queue to be completed.

Authorization & Disclaimer

Failed prints due to Library staff error or hardware failure of the 3D printer will not be charged.

reCAPTCHA is required.